The starting point:

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 2:4-5:

For he (God) wants all people to be saved and to know his truth . There is only one God and only one who mediates between God and man and creates peace. This is Jesus Christ.

We believe that God created every human being and desires a living relationship with each individual. Jesus Christ lived a life without guilt and died in our place so that we could have free access to God, despite our faults and guilt that we carry with us. He came to set us free and give us peace.


How is the name connected to our vision?

The name is "Waves of Bethany ". Waves have different effects and properties and these images are symbolic of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Like waves ...

...flood the shore, so God floods us with his grace and love.

Like waves ...

...wash away footprints and level the sand, so God forgives every sin.

Like waves ...

... lashing up the surf, so powerful is the effect of grace. It can tear down any wall.

Like waves ...

... become greater and greater, Jesus Christ shall be exalted more and more.

Like waves ...

...carry flotsam through the sea, that's how the love of God should be brought to the people.

Like waves ...

...spread out from one point and other waves are triggered, so Jesus Christ is the origin of this good news and desires that many people experience the same thing and pass it on again.


But why waves of Bethany?

Luke 24:50-53 says:

"But he (Jesus) led them out to Bethany and lifted up his hands and blessed them. And it came to pass as he blessed them, he parted from them and went up into heaven. But they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and were always in the temple, praising God."

Bethany was a place, where Jesus loved to be, spending time with his friends and being  anointed. From there he was ascended to his Father. It is a place of blessing, worship, devotion, joy and a way to heaven. From there the disciples were sent out into the world. Bethany is like this wave that Jesus Christ started and spread the gospel from there. From there Jesus ascended into heaven and gave us the task as Christians to carry this message into the whole world. Waves of Bethany means all effects that have become visible on this world through Jesus Christ and Christians since that time.


What is the goal of Waves of Bethany?

Our desire is that through the different designs, God's love and message will reach people and people's hearts should be touched. All the sayings or Bible verses are meant to be a tool in God's hands to speak to people or give encouragements. You are part of this wave that is carrying God's message and it is getting bigger and bigger. When God will use you and these sayings to be a blessing to others, you will carry this wave forward and even unleash other waves. Use the products to start a conversation with people and share your experiences with God with them. God's will is that ALL people will be saved, and you can be a part of bringing this desire into this world.


Become a part of the " Wave Effect"

Your Waves Of Bethany Team